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October 5, 2018

How to Create Custom Reset or Forget Password in WordPress

Below is the complete custom reset password source code you can try just copy and paste the snippet below to try it yourself.I would like to share you how we can achieve Forgot/reset password functionality using built-in WP functions, it’s very simple just follow the step by step process below.This contains simple HTML form code […]

July 3, 2018

How to get the value of a radio button using jQuery?

Use the jQuery :checked selector with val() method Now the Days JQuery is mainly used every where to get or send any page info without page load.This article will help you to know how some can collect a radio button data from form to script. Other text type fields are easy to get data directly by using ID  but […]

June 5, 2018

How to reindex Magento 1.9.X by using command line

Reindex Magento 1.9.X by using command line is necessary When you have 10k+ products and a lot of categories, rebuilding ‘catalog url rewrite‘ index may take hours. Then php script can just break because of max_execution_time exceeding. There is a way to solve several problems by running reindex process from the command line. Providing that you have […]

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